An Overview of Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings

Published: 27th April 2012
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Choosing a tattoo is easy considering the wide range of designs right from ancient to contemporary. It is important that you understand what the tattoo you select stands for as each tattoo design contains a deeper symbolic meaning. You definitely donít want to get a tattoo that symbolizes something that you are completely opposed to for the rest of your life.

The complete family background and personal history of a person can be displayed with a Maori tattoo. This tattoo acts as a personal identification mark and also commemorates various special milestones in a personís life. Alternatively, a Haida tattoo would depict a mythological event such as an ancestor encountering a supernatural being. This is based on stories that have been handed down several generations.

Several meanings are attached to tattoos of celestial bodies. A star tattoo has many different meanings based on the number of points and the orientation it has. Zodiac sign tattoos are simpler in comparison as it just portrays the birth sign of the person. The Zodiac tattoo is one of the most common and most popular all over the world.

Various meanings are given to supernatural and spiritual tattoos like the Phoenix, the Dragon, the Cross, the Fairy, etc.; you could display your religious affiliation with a tattoo of the cross; the setting and the rising sun are symbolized by the Phoenix tattoo; the Fairy means innocence and is worn by those who wish to stay as a child who is filled with wonder; the dragon symbolizes the state of inertia where nothing is evil and nothing is good either. the Kanji symbolizes cherry blossoms and also stands for an Eastern philosophy; and the Celtic tattoos portray the different seasons and the cycles of life that have no beginning or end.

The most sought after are tattoos of birds and animals. A Butterfly symbolizes Fire and acts as a reminder of natureís mysteries and the rich and diverse imagination of the human mind. The souls of the dead and the stars are depicted by the Swallow. Wings symbolizes the indomitable strength of the eagle and the easy flight of a butterfly. Freedom lovers usually choose the Eagle as it symbolizes an unchallenged and free-roaming spirit ,which has the ability to soar to heights and swoop way down into the valleys. The Tiger means beauty, passion, power, and cruelty while the Lion portrays loyalty.

A Crown tattoo conveys complete self control and the ability to use power and knowledge in a very righteous and just manner.

Nature and the never-ending cycle of birth, reproduction, death, and rebirth are portrayed by tattoos of Flowers. A Heart tattoo brings to mind persons you love, and Roses convey the purest love.

If you want a simple tattoo with no meanings, you could try getting a tattoo of a girl or the skull and crossbones. Although the skull and crossbones tattoo carries ominous overtones, it technically does not convey anything sinister!

Getting a tattoo, as you can see, has a deeper meaning than just getting a permanent picture etched on your skin; it is an expression of who you are as a person and how you would like to be treated in society.

Don't get a tattoo in a rush as you will most certainly regret it in the future. Spending a little time researching the wealth of material on different tattoo designs will give you a fairly good idea of what to get. Your tattoo is going to stick with you forever, so be doubly sure about the design and its meaning before you get it engraved on your skin.

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